Monday, September 16, 2013

Short Story About My Name

My Mom have not be able to explain how she felt in love with my father, she can't even tell me if she was in love, but she gave me a father that shapes me in every way and    I run my entire life from looking like him. I'm old, I think, but I felt so free and healthy that I don't miss my 20's. I was born December 31 at 10:55 Pm  at the capital of Dom. Rep. it was a very difficult time in the country caused by lefty movements and police persecution to young people accused of communist , at this condition my mom, a young 27 years old girl arrived to the hospital with deep pains and nausea, She was there for for a week already and I was not out yet. She thought she would died, so she sent a note to my aunt to keep me as her son if anything bad happen. it was the first day that the family wasn't at the hospital and finally my mother gave birth to me. she was really in bad shape and wasn't able to see me or take care of the paperwork, my aunt wants to name me Henry, My Mom agree, and my father wants to name me Epifanio(Ugly name), but it was new years and nobody was thinking about a baby or paperwork  in a day of hangovers and post parties. I was born on a Tuesday and on Friday I  didn't have a official name. my father was absent in t he whole process and when he knew he rushed to the goverment office to get the birth certificate and give me a name. He has a hangover from the parties, my father was a guy from the country side and the capital was a big and fast place for him so he paid a "Buscon" to do the paperwork for him. He arrived home, Mom was mad and he shouted that he already did the paperwork.

Mom: you left me alone, I almost Died
 Pa: I was nervous with my first child and went drinking(lame excuse)
Mom: we need to do the paperwork!
Pa: I did it already!
Mom: What name did you put?
Pa: No name yet!
Mom:liar, you cant do that with no name.

My father went to the office Monday and found the guy, he didn't let my father say anything and exclaimed
I know what you forgot, but I did it for you and I name you son Gustavo cause it is your second name and Enrrique Cause Enrrique Perez and Perez( the police chief chasing young communist) is the biggest thing that has happened to this country.
My family kept on calling me Henry , I went to the school system with that name, and at 14 the ask for my papers, and I know that my names wasn't Henry.

I still have problems dealing with that.
Call me Enrrique or pick a name, at leas
t there are choices.